GenVision Inc.
GenVision Inc.

Technical Environmental Support

Air, Noise, Odour, Ozone Depleting Substances

GenVision works closely with clients to assess and manage issues related to air, noise, odour and ozone depleting substances (ODS). GenVision has provided air compliance specialist support for manufacturing operations with comprehensive permits with limited operational flexibility.  This included noise inventory development and compliance assessments, plus odour assessments and response to agency and community complaints.

GenVision offers regulatory exemption reviews, permitting (ECA) and registration (EASR) support. GenVision has worked with industry to develop and refine air compliance and oversight programs.  

Ozone depleting substances (ODS) management can be one of the more difficult issues to maintain in compliance. GenVision has in-depth knowledge of ODS regulations and develops compliance and oversight programs to simplify managing contractors and internal requirements.  

Water and Wastewater Management

Wastewater discharges can be regulated by several levels of government often with multiple levels applying at the same time. Sewers may involve city, municipal or regional authorities.  Surface water releases may fall under provincial or federal requirements.

GenVision has experience working with clients where all these situations apply and has worked with all applicable agencies. GenVision helps clients establish monitoring programs and wastewater surveys to meet permit and by-law requirements.  

GenVision is also ready to help with drinking water investigations, wastewater monitoring and investigations, stormwater and industrial wastewater permits, water take permits, registrations and reporting. 

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management - Dangerous Goods Transportation

GenVision works with clients to complete solid waste audits, waste reduction work plans, and source separation plans. Guidance is provided to optimize these programs and to develop strategies to achieve zero-waste or landfill free status. GenVision also provides assistance with waste facility approvals and compliance reviews.

GenVision supports hazardous waste characterization, registrations on HWIN, waste handling programs, and guidance on packaging and transport of dangerous goods. GenVision has completed numerous waste disposal site inspections and participated in the development of a dangerous good transportation corporate oversight program.  

GenVision provides training on waste management topics including solid waste, hazardous waste and dangerous goods transportation.

Fuels and Tank Management

Fuels and tank management can be confusing with different regulations, codes and provisions applying depending upon the specific circumstances of each tank.  These circumstances may include how the stored material is to be used, where the tank is located, and its size and design among other things.

GenVision has detailed knowledge of the liquid fuels handling code, the fuel oil code and related requirements to guide clients to understand and manage their compliance obligations. 

GenVision also works with fuel importers to ensure fuel quality and sampling requirements are met and reported as necessary.

Spill Prevention and Response Programs

GenVision has experience developing, managing and implementing large scale multi-departmental spill prevention and response programs. GenVision provides clients with support on spill risk assessments, spill prevention, response planning, reporting obligations and community relations.   

Regulatory Reporting - NPRI, GHG, Reg. 127, TRA and Planning

GenVision regularly helps clients meet their regulatory reporting obligations. GenVision completes data collection, calculations and reporting for the national pollutant release inventory (NPRI), greenhouse gases (GHG). Ontario regulation 127, Toxics Reduction Act (TRA) reporting and TRA planning.  

GenVision is knowledgeable of the requirements under ISO14064 and prepares clients for GHG verification and validation audits.