GenVision Inc.
GenVision Inc.

Management Systems and Sustainability

ISO14001 EMS Development

GenVision has extensive experience developing, implementing and auditing formal management systems including environmental management systems conforming to ISO14001.  GenVision has developed management systems for small operations and multi-facility organizations.  

GenVision has assisted organizations identify and close gaps to transition to the 2015 version of the ISO14001 standard.  

GenVision's experience also includes registration audits on behalf of certification bodies.

Internal Auditing and Registration Audit Support

GenVision helps its clients develop and implement internal audit programs, including scope definition, protocol development and audit procedures.  GenVision has led internal audits for the verification of EMS integration into manufacturing business systems, including gap analysis and closure audits.

GenVision provides ongoing support to clients during registration audits.  

Sustainability and Resiliency Planning

Sustainability and resiliency planning may each mean different things to various individuals and groups. GenVision helps client understand what these concepts mean to their organization and assist with planning and implementation efforts.

GenVision has supported clients in sustainability and residency planning and participated in events including community outreach, clean-up events, wildlife habitat planning and certification applications. 

Zero Waste and Landfill Free Strategies

In a effort to reduce environmental impacts some organizations have chosen to work toward zero waste and landfill free status.  GenVision has experience working  with clients to develop and implement waste reduction and waste elimination programs as part of zero waste and landfill free strategies.  GenVision has provided training and guidance on the steps to achieve zero waste and landfill free status.