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Compliance and Due Diligence

A Small Investment Provides Substantial Benefits

Policies, programs and strategic plans supporting compliance and due diligence are essential for reliable performance and cost savings.  Organizations large and small are realizing the benefits of a well developed compliance and due diligence program. Beyond legal compliance the benefits include improved performance, public support, employee engagement and productivity.  Cost saving are also achieved through reduced material and waste cost.  Avoided costs include fines, corrective action and lost time and resources.  Reduced liability and legacy cost can be achieved through properly managed emissions, releases and spills.  Demonstrating awareness and strong programs for compliance and due diligence can affect financing opportunities due to risk evaluation processes used by financial institutions.

Policy Development and Strategic Planning

Beyond statements framed on a wall, policy development and strategic planning establish guiding principles to set the direction of future decision making. GenVision has experience working with corporate clients and small businesses to development management programs including full formal management systems, oversight and coordination systems, and internal performance standards.

Compliance and Due Diligence Programs

Looking closer at day-to-day operations, GenVision has experience developing, coordinating and implementing waste facility audit and approval programs, self-evaluation programs, audit programs and monitoring systems to ensure completion and verification of corrective actions.

Coordination with Government Agencies

Working with government agencies and managing agency visits to your facility can be time-consuming and stressful if you are unsure of your compliance status.  It also represents an opportunity to demonstrate your due diligence systems and build strong relationships. GenVision helps organizations prepare for and manage agency visits, inspections and investigations.  GenVision is trusted by clients to prepare agency presentations, lead site tours and manage inquires on their behalf.  

Auditing: Compliance and Management Systems

GenVision has extensive audit experience and capabilities.  This includes audit program development, managing and leading corporate audit programs, and individual third-party audit campaigns. GenVision has worked on pre-aquistion audits, lender liability reviews, industrial performance audits, landlord reviews and parent-subsidiary evaluations. Audit capability includes compliance and due diligence programs to formal management systems including registration audit support. Auditor training programs are also available.   

Site Inspections and Due Diligence Reviews

GenVision has a broad range of experience over various industries and facility types.  Site inspections are tailored to meet our client's needs such as compliance, historical reviews, liability, risk assessments and pre-purchase.