GenVision Inc.
GenVision Inc.

GenVision Background

History and Development

GenVision Inc. was founded in 2016 with the vision to provide robust, reliable and effective environmental, health and safety solutions to clients focussed on improving their performance.

GenVision brings broad and knowledgeable working experience including technical consulting expertise to solve the most challenging problems, industrial operational excellence to understand the requirements for effective implementation and maintenance of programs, and corporate leadership experience to consider and appreciate the business implications associated with each opportunity.   

Philosophy and Approach

The GenVision name is based on a combination of concepts which shape the GenVision philosophy and approach.  Gen from Genesis and Generation with birth and creation connotations also represents the Seventh Generation Principle. This principle is an Iroquois philosophy in which decisions made today should maintain a sustainable result at least seven generations into the future. Vision and envision represent the concepts of looking and imagining, driving innovation for future improvements.


In combination, GenVision's experience and philosophy result in an approach in which GenVision strives to develop technically sounds solutions that provide responsible results now and into the future.  To be effective, GenVision also works to develop solutions that are cost effective making it easy for clients to do the right thing.